Chilli Jam

Chilli Jam Recipe | OMG – this is the yummiest chilli jam ever!  You can make it as hot or as sweet as you like, but be warned – once you taste this you will be addicted!

I made this the first time on the stove in a saucepan, stirring… stirring… stirring, until I had a brilliant idea to try it in the thermomix.

So easy – and the best part was my fingers didn’t burn for a few days after from chopping  all of the chillis!

Chilli Jam Recipe
Chilli Jam


  • 2 Brown Onions, peeled and quartered
  • 6 cloves of garlic, peeled
  • 4 red chillis
  • 5 Red Capsicums (quartered with seeds and white membrane removed)
  • 100g Oil (Peanut, Vegetable or Olive)
  • 180g Brown Sugar
  • 35g Fish Sauce
  • 1 Lime (juice only)
  • 2 sterilised glass jars (see below)



Place onions, garlic and chillis into bowl and chop speed 5 for 10 seconds

Add capsicum and chop speed 4 for 4 seconds – use spatula to incorporate

Add oil and cook at 100°C at soft speed for 60 minutes in reverse

Remove lid and add brown sugar, fish sauce and lime juice and cook 100°C at soft speed for 20 minutes in reverse

Taste and adjust sugar if desired

Chop at speed 5 for 4 seconds

Chilli Jam Recipe
Chilli Jam

I usually drain mine in a colander to make it a bit thicker.  You can do this or place it as is in a sterilised jar and keep in the fridge.

(I sterilise my jars with Milton Anti-bacterial Tablets – they are found in the baby aisle of the supermarket.

It is a quick and easy process of filling up a clean large bowl with cold water, adding one or two tablets and letting the clean jar(s) soak for at least 15 minutes.

Drain on a clean tea towel and use immediately)

Keep chilli jam in the fridge and dollop on everything!!

Serves: About 60

Approximate Calories per serve: 30

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