This dip is a real crowd pleaser, and even if you don’t like capers don’t disregard this recipe.  You can’t even taste them.  My 6 year old loves this dip, and I know he would never willingly eat a caper!!!  The great thing about this is that is makes heaps, and you can spread left overs on sandwiches.  Trust me – it is delicious!!

Creamy Tuna and Caper Dip


Parsley (small bunch)
250g light cream cheese
400g canned tuna (drained)
100g whole egg mayonnaise
35g capers
juice of half a lemon


Place parsley in bowl and chop 5 seconds on speed 6

Add other ingredients and chop for 20 seconds on speed 4

Serve with crackers, vegetable sticks or try my home made crunchy rice crackers Creamy Tuna and Caper Dip 2

Serves: About 11 (2 Tablespoons per serve)

Approximate calories per serve: 138