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Stock Concentrate

Yes I know this ins’t a very exciting recipe, but it is an essential one if you want to use your own stock and know exactly what has gone into it.  It does contain a lot of salt, but it is better than the MSG and other nasties that are in the supermarket stock powders.  I stopped making this for a while, but now that I am back to using my thermomix so much I wouldn’t be without it.  I have also changed some of the veggies from the original recipe, but have found sticking to the original produces a very tasty stock concentrate.

Stock Concentrate


200g celery

2 carrots

1 onion

1 tomato

1 zucchini

1 clove garlic

1 bay leaf

1 bunch parsley

a few leaves of basil, rosemary and sage

150g rock salt

1 tablespoon oil


Roughly chop all veggies, then place in thermomix bowl and chop for 10 seconds on speed 6

Add salt and oil then cook for 20 minutes at varoma temperature on speed 1

Mix by slowly turning up the speed dial to speed 6, then pulverise for 1 minute on speed 9

Store in a sterilised jar in the fridge

Use tablespoon quantities instead of stock cubes – eg 1 tablespoon of stock concentrate equals 1 stock cube

Serves: 25 (This is a conservative guess)

Approximate calories per serve: 15

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Cooking Pasta in your thermomix

Now I have to admit, although I have owned my thermomix for about 4 and a bit years, I have only just discovered cooking pasta in it the other day.  What have I been doing all this time??  It is so easy and convenient.


1200g water

big pinch of salt

100 – 500g dry pasta


Place water and salt in thermomix bowl and cook for 14 minutes at 100°C on speed 1

Add pasta and cook for 8 – 10 minutes at 100°C on reverse + speed soft

Note that cooking time will vary depending on the type of pasta you use.

Drain and serve with your favourite sauce, or try my delicious bolognese sauce here.

Approximate calories per serve: 100g dried pasta is 360


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Storing Ginger and Garlic

I seem to be using a lot of ginger lately, and have discovered if you tightly wrap fresh ginger in plastic wrap then place it in the freezer, it will last for much longer, plus be easier to peel and grate.

Garlic is another one that stores well in the freezer.  I just break up a bulb of garlic and place it in a Tupperware Antarctica container.  The cloves can then be used as needed, and the papery skin is easily removed.

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Removing dough from your thermomix

I love making my foccacia, but removing the dough can sometimes be tricky.  When you have something thick and sticky to remove, turn the bowl upside down and twist on the black knob that turns the blades.  This helps remove the dough.

Hints and Tips - Base of Thermo

Once you have done this, if there is anything remaining simply put the bowl back on the base, lock the lid and press turbo once or twice and all loose dough will be pushed to the outside of the bowl for easy removal.


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