Almond Milk (and Green Smoothie)

Almond Milk (Green Smoothie)

Have you tried making your own almond milk yet?  It is the most delicious, creamy milk – you will never buy it again!


1 cup of almonds

**Soak almonds overnight in a bowl with enough water to cover them, with a pinch of salt.  In the morning discard water, and follow recipe

750g filtered water


Place soaked almonds into TM bowl, add water then blend for 2 minutes on speed 9

Drain nuts over a bowl using a nut milk bag, cheesecloth or a very fine sieve

Store almond milk in fridge until ready to use, but use within 3 days

I usually make mine into a yummy green smoothie

Place big handful of kale or English spinach into TM bowl, with a tray of ice and cup of almond milk.  Blend 1 minute on speed 9.  Add frozen banana, 1 tablespoon chia seeds blend 1 minute on speed 9.  Enjoy!!

Use the almond pulp in baking, smoothies, or dry in oven and place in freezer until ready to use

You can use other nuts too – try cashews (only soak for up to 6 hours)

Serves: 3

Approximate Calories per Serve: Less than 50 per serve

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The other day I thought I would try out the cappuccino in the thermomix.  I have a nespresso coffee maker so usually use that when I want a coffee, but Pete has been complaining lately that the coffee isn’t strong enough for him.  Although this coffee took a bit longer to make compared to the nespresso one, it was a nice change, and probably something I would make for friends after a dinner party.


Chocolate (I used a few squares from a block of chocolate)
3 Tablespoons Instant Coffee Granules
1000g Low Fat Milk
Liqueur to taste (optional)


Place chocolate in bowl and grate for 7 seconds on speed 8.  Set aside

Placed coffee, milk and liqueur in bowl and cook for 7 minutes at 80°C  atspeed 4, then 20 seconds at speed 8 to froth the milk

Pour coffee into mugs and sprinkle with grated chocolate

Low fat milk works best and creates the most froth

Serves: 4

Approximate calories per serve: 140

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Tropical Delight

 While I have been making this delicious refreshing drink, I can’t help but think back to my childhood when my older brother used to make what he called a ‘delight’.  Thankfully this drink is nothing like his after school delight – white bread chopped up with scissors placed into a glass with milk and sugar – yuk!!  This delight is much tastier – and healthier!  You can experiment with different fruit, but this combination is really nice.  Do you remember strange after school snacks that you used to have??

Tropical Delight 1


1 tray ice cubes
500g watermelon
350g pineapple
1 orange


Place ice, watermelon, pineapple and orange in bowl.  Chop 15 seconds at speed 8.

Serve (it with love)

500g of watermelon is about half of a wedge that you would buy at the supermarket, and 350g of pineapple is about 1/3 of a pineapple.Tropical Delight

Serves: 2 large or 4 small

Approximate calories per serve: 200 or 100


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